Drive Down, Drive Back


At least I had a cellphone with me. I had “upgraded” to a cheaper phone that I can take pictures with and email ’em home. I am so technologically behind…

I came back on 99 through Bakersfield, Fresno, etc. Always a strange feeling going through parts of California that I don’t really remember but I was there as a child. The sky-sun-pavement feeling is always there, like a razor-edge heat, but the scenery has been altered through time, the transitioning human “footprint”.

Thunderbird upgrade doesn’t work for me

For some reason, upgrading Thunderbird to 3.1 was a disaster on my Mac. Was it the add-ons? Was it the file system? Don’t know. After numerous attempts to remove extensions and empty caches, attempt to launch in safe mode, etc., I gave up and restored the old app and my profile from Time Machine. Lost a few emails but… just too tired at the moment to do more troubleshooting than that.

I am now on the lookout for anyone else who had trouble with this on a Mac running Snow Leopard.


I have been taking more time to work in the garden—even though I feel pressured to “work more” (job) and “play less” (life). What a terrible dichotomy.

Saturday, while in the roses, I ran into this interesting creature.